Ferro Coating Resins offers a comprehensive range of high-quality solvent-borne resins and additives. The products are marketed under the Synolac™, Synocryl™, Crayamid™, Crayvallac™, Gelkyd™ and Super Gelkyd™ trademarks.

Ferro Dispersions offers a vast range of water-based acrylic polymers market under the AQUAFER™ trademark


A range of conventional and modified alkyds providing top quality enamels, primers, varnishes and structured paints for the architectural and industrial markets.

Styrene Acrylics

Diverse range providing excellent binding for decorative interior paints, waterproofing and cement additives.


Range of Thermoplastic and Hydroxy acrylics providing quality solid colour topcoats, primers and clears for the vehicle refinish and industrial markets.

Pure Acrylics

Highly durable range used for UV-resistant roof coatings, water-based gloss enamels, water-based wood finishes, and pure acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives used in ready-mix ceramic and vinyl tile adhesives.

Saturated Polyesters

Unique OFPE’s for the coil and can coating markets.

Vinyl Acetates

Vinyl acetate homopolymers used in the laminating wood and furniture industry, high-solids adhesives for use in compounding and packaging adhesives.


The Crayamid range of reactive and thermoplastic polyamides for the heavy-duty coatings, adhesives and graphic arts markets.


Large range of polyacrylates used as a dispersant and deflocculates for decorative coatings, mining slurries and detergents.


A diverse range of rheology and surface modifiers as well as  flow and levelling agents for the coatings market.


APEO and ammonia-free styrene-butadiene copolymers, used in repair mortars and cement-based sealing slurries.


Our range includes a unique Defoamer providing foam control properties for Waterbased coatings , Effluent, Alkaline Detergents and Adhesives.

In-can preservative biocides

Used in water-based coatings, PVA adhesives and acrylic polymers, providing protection against bacteria and fungi.